New form for reimbursement of environmental tax

The form for reimbursement of environmental tax to permanent residents must now be submitted electronically


The Svalbard tax office is responsible for the practical work with refunds to permanent residents. From 1 February, the Tax Office will return refund claims submitted on paper and request that a form and documentation be submitted via the website of the Governor.


Here’s how to get the fee refunded:

Private individuals

  1. Keep documentation for the journey from Svalbard. As travel documentation, a photo of the boarding pass or other confirmation of completed travel from Svalbard is accepted. This must be uploaded as an attachment to the electronic form. An overview of completed journeys can be found in the Airline Apps and/or logged into your Norwegian/SAS profile
  2. Fill in the electronic refund form that can be found on the form page of the Governor. Refunds according to this form cannot be claimed for trips paid for by the employer, NAV, Patient Travel or the like. Form:



Written agreements on reimbursement can be entered into with the employers on Svalbard. Employers must use the same form as private individuals, but use the option “employer” in the form. Form:



Refund claims must be made within three years of the actual date of travel.


For further questions contact the Svalbard tax office on telephone number 79 02 36 70 or