76 applications to the fund in 2020

Svalbard’s Environmental Protection Fund has received 76 applications for support for environmental protection projects at Svalbard i 2020. The total application amount is NOK 33.6 million.


The deadline for applying for grants expired on September 15, and there is a large variation in the type of measures and application amounts. Svalbard’s environmental protection fund has up to NOK 2.5 million available for project support in 2020. Since the spring allocation round was postponed, both the spring and autumn applications will be processed in this allocation round.


The applications are being processed and the applications are to be assessed by the Governor, the National Antiquarian (cultural heritage sites) and the Environment Directorate (Environmental Protection). In order to receive funding, it is important that the applications meet the necessary quality criteria and are in line with the objectives and priorities for 2020.


The Board of Directors of Svalbard’s Environmental Protection Fund decides which applications will receive funding. The award will be announced at a board meeting on November 19.


Attached is an overview of applicants, projects, application amounts and total project costs. All applications are publicly available. For access, you can use the access solution in the application portal or request ordinary access by contacting the Governor. There are reservations about errors in the overview at this time.