I have received a grant notification – What now?


You have to accept the grant within three weeks after its approval. You do this through the application center. Once approved, the grant is valid for two years.


Grant recipients have to accept the terms and conditions in writing before any payments can be made. This is done through electronical application center.


If you don’t approve the terms and conditions within three weeks, the grants will be cancelled.


Status reports

All recipients are expected to provide simple reports on the progress on their own initiative twice a year. The reports are submitted through the application center, labeled with the project name and number, and spring/fall/year.


The reports are expected no later than Mars 15 and October 15 each year.


Payment request

As a grant recipient, you have request grant payments through the application center. It is possible to ask for up to 75% of the total grant before final reports are delivered, as long as you are able to document the expenses.


You may also wait until the end of the project, without any partial payments, and deliver one final and collected report.


Final report and payment request

The final report is to be delivered through the application center no later than three months after the project ended. In addition to accounts, the report has to document how the conditions for the grant have been met.


All grant recipients also have to provide a short report on the results and environmental gains of the project with pictures for the fund to present on its webpages. The pictures should have landscape format (16:9) with a minimum of 1 500 px on the longest side.


Research projects also have to present a technical report.


The final payment will be transferred once all of this is received and approved.



Changes in the project

The grant is normally valid out the year of application and the following two years. If you need to prolong the validation period, you have to send a written application to the fund secretariat.


Please get in contact with the secretariat for help and guidance.